A Yucatán Love Story

Oswaldo’s parents, Eva and Angel at a bar in Los Angeles soon after they became a couple. (Photo courtesy of the Vázquez family)

When Oswaldo Vázquez’s mom heard the song “Mare” by Maldita Vecindad while still in her hometown in Mexico City, she swore she would find herself a man from Yucatán. The song is a first-person narration of a man from Yucatán who is visiting family in Mexico City but can’t wait to return to his native state.  

Four months ago I left Yucatán
And I came by truck to the city
I came to visit some relatives
Living here by Insurgentes

Many beautiful girls
A lot of silly violence
Lot of noise and lots of people
I better go back to Yucatán

Oswaldo’s parents, Eva and Angel, met in the United States while working at a carwash. Angel fell for one of the “many beautiful girls” from Mexico City and Eva found her man from Yucatán after all.